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Do you need a dental prosthesis for multiple missing teeth or are you looking to replace your current removable dental prosthesis? Wonderful advancements in dental technology can now provide patients with better fitting and more natural looking appliances for improved comfort and esthetics.

Dental Dimensions in St. Petersburg, Florida, provides a number of common removable appliances, including:

  • Immediate dentures (also known as temporary dentures)
  • Conventional dentures
  • Temporary partials
  • Conventional partials
  • Flexiblepartials
  • Implant-supported dentures and partials

Immediate (Temporary) Dentures and Partials

Immediate or temporary dentures are used to replace teeth following extractions until the patient is ready for permanent dentures. A big benefit of wearing immediate dentures is that you can leave your extraction appointment with a restored smile and a considerable improvement in esthetics.

Temporary dentures with soft reline material are used to improve fit and comfort while your extraction sites fully heal. Once complete healing has occurred, a custom conventional denture will then be fabricated for you.

a partial denture on a black backdrop | dentures St. Petersburg FL

Conventional Dentures

Custom conventional dentures require additional appointments to fabricate but result in a more accurate fit and better esthetics compared to an immediate denture. Your dentures will be perfectly customized to fit you and will restore your smile and your bite.

a full, upper denture on a black backdrop | st petersburg dentures

Removable Partials

If you are missing several teeth, you may be having problems chewing your food or concerns about your appearance. In this case, removable partials are often an easy and affordable treatment option. Conventional partials consist of a metal framework, gum-colored acrylic, metal clasps, and acrylic teeth.

The alternative to a conventional partial is the flexible partial. Flexible partials are non-metal, lightweight, very durable, and practically invisible thanks to the translucency of the material used.

a partial lower denture on a black backdrop | dentures st. petersburg

a partial denture on a black background | st petersburg dentures

Implant-Supported Dentures and Partials

Implant-supported dentures and partials are very retentive and provide you with the ability to chew easily without the need for denture adhesives. These types of appliances are attached to and supported by dental implants, which help preserve bone and tissue.

Another benefit of choosing an implant-supported prosthesis is that the bulk of the prosthesis can be eliminated. For example, the acrylic located in the area of the palate in a traditional upper denture is no longer necessary with an implant-supported denture and can, therefore, be removed. This feature also allows you to better enjoy the taste of your food as well as enjoying greater variety. The edges of lower implant-supported dentures can be shortened to eliminate sore spots.

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