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We strive to implement the latest technology to improve the dentistry and patient experience in our dental office. Modern dentistry makes your procedure easier than ever and allows us to help you avoid many complex conditions through early diagnosis.

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Digital X-Rays and Sensors

X-rays are an essential part of preventive dentistry and allow Dr. Olvera the most detailed images for diagnosis. Regular dental x-rays assist with early diagnosis and when taken regularly can reduce treatment complexity and cost.

Digital x-rays are safe and emit up to 80 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays.

DentalVibe Painless Injections

We have the DentalVibe, a device used when giving certain local injections that decrease the overall discomfort during the injection by slowly delivering anesthetic and providing comforting vibrations that disguise the pain associated with traditional injections.

Electric Handpieces

Electric handpieces are quieter and reduce vibration during treatment, providing a more comfortable patient experience. ​

Intraoral Camera

We believe in empowering patients to make informed choices when it comes to their smiles. Our intraoral camera captures high-resolution photos of teeth and gums for you to review on our in-room monitors so that you can see exactly what Dr. Olvera sees.

Rotary Endodontics

Rotary endodontics use precision titanium instruments to gently and accurately clean canals with increased accuracy and success. Rotary endodontics also reduce treatment times, something our patients truly appreciate.​

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