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At Dental Dimensions in St. Petersburg, Florida, Dr. Olvera relies on Physics Forceps to extract teeth predictably and efficiently, allowing for a more comfortable and less stressful extraction experience.a tooth with a first-aid kit | dental extractions st petersburg

Developed in 2004, Physics Forceps use a design that is based on harnessing the power of a class I lever. The design can be compared to using a bottle cap opener to remove a bottle cap instead of using a pair of pliers, which are similar to conventional dental extraction forceps.

Do You Need an Extraction?

Our preference is to save healthy tooth structure whenever possible, but there are some situations in which extraction is the most appropriate solution.

Some of the most common reasons that patients need an extraction include:

  • Teeth that are decayed to the point where they cannot be restored
  • Teeth that are fractured to the point where they cannot be restored
  • Teeth that have become mobile because of advanced gum disease

Before extracting your teeth, we will discuss your options with you and let you know our recommendations.

Preparing for Your Extraction

Dr. Olvera will review your health history and your concerns to determine if you are a candidate for a dental extraction. Prior to your extraction, Dr. Olvera will discuss what to expect during the procedure.

Following Your Extraction

a man smiles while a dental mirror inspects him | st. petersburg fl tooth extractions Dr. Olvera will provide you with a list of instructions for self-care following your extraction appointment. Most uncomplicated extractions heal very quickly. Following these instructions will help to eliminate the risk of complications after your procedure.

Dr. Olvera will provide options for pain relief, which may include over-the-counter or prescription medications. You may also be prescribed antibiotics or an oral rinse. Take these medications exactly as prescribed.

A clot will eventually develop in the extraction site. This clot is very important to the healing process, so be careful not to dislodge it with your tongue. Plan to have cool, soft foods available such as pudding, yogurt, and hard-boiled eggs. Don’t drink through a straw, as this will create too much pressure in your mouth and could dislodge the clot, which will cause bleeding and delay your healing.

If you are experiencing any swelling, ice packs applied to the side of the face will help. Only use ice packs for 15 minutes at a time. Keeping your head elevated and upright will also help to keep swelling to a minimum.

Give Your Dentist A Call

You are always welcome to call our St. Petersburg dental office with any questions and concerns you have about your dental extraction. We are here to help and want to make sure that you are comfortable with the extraction process.

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