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How do I care for my dentures?

a partial denture on a white backdrop | dentures st. petersburg flDentures should be removed at night to provide your gums and other soft tissues a chance to “relax” while you sleep.

Store your dentures in a denture case with a little bit of water to prevent the denture from drying out. This is essential, as dentures will no longer fit comfortably if they become too dry.

A regular toothbrush can be used to clean your dentures on a daily basis. For removing tough stains, Dr. Olvera recommends soaking your denture in a baggie of Sno Bol and water for five to ten minutes. Be sure to rinse your dentures after cleaning them or if food becomes lodged between the denture and your gums.

Additional Care

Caring for yourself is important, too! We recommend a minimum of a yearly exam for people with complete dentures. We will check your denture for damage or cracks, which can collect bacteria and foul odors.

Dr. Olvera will also check your gums for signs of denture sores and make minor adjustments to keep your denture feeling comfortable.

Another vital component of your yearly exam is an oral cancer screening. Dr. Olvera will look for any suspicious lesions that may indicate cancerous or pre-cancerous cells. Early detection saves lives! So if you're wondering more about dentures, give our St. Petersburg, FL dental office a call.

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Dr. Olvera is a fabulous dentist! His attention to detail is phenomenal! He is meticulous and really works hard to make your smile perfect, yet natural. -- Peggy and Tim Jones   Read More

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