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How long do dental onlays and crowns last?

an animated image of an on-lay | dental crowns st petersburgHow long your dentistry lasts depends on a number of factors. Perhaps the best way to protect your dentistry is to care for it properly. When you care for your teeth and smile, your dental crowns and onlays can last between five and fifteen years. In some cases, dental restorations can last even longer.

Good Home Care

Practicing excellent home care, including brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings will prevent secondary decay, which can put any dental restoration at risk. We will take diagnostic x-rays to identify any problems.

Gum disease will not only put your teeth and dentistry at risk but also your overall health.

Wear a Night Guard 

If you have a teeth clenching or grinding habit, called bruxism, your natural teeth and dentistry can break down quickly. Just like your natural teeth, a dental crown can fracture or fall out when placed under extreme stress. A quick way to reduce the longevity of your dental crown is to sleep unprotected while you grind your teeth all night. A custom night guard will place a barrier between your upper and lower teeth and make your crown less likely to fracture.

For patients with a heavy bite or grinding habit, we may recommend full gold crowns for posterior teeth (those in the back of your mouth).

Looking for more info on dental crowns and on lays? Go ahead and give our dental office in St. Petersburg, FL, a call today!

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Dr. Olvera is a fabulous dentist! His attention to detail is phenomenal! He is meticulous and really works hard to make your smile perfect, yet natural. -- Peggy and Tim Jones Read More

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