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What's the best way to floss my teeth?

a woman brushing her teeth | dentist in st petersburg flWe recommend that you use waxed dental floss because it makes it easier to ease the floss between your teeth and prevents fraying of the string, which can become lodged between teeth. 

If your teeth have wider spacing, woven floss may help you do a better job of removing debris and plaque from your teeth. The most important thing is that you find a dental floss that works best for you.

Make sure you have a long length of floss – enough to use a clean section in between each tooth. Most patients find that 18 to 24 inches is enough.

Wrap floss around each index finger and pull it tight. Wrap the floss around the tooth like a horseshoe and gently move it up and down. Make sure to go slightly into the gumline, but never force the floss. 

Be sure to floss on either side of the papilla, the v-shaped gum tissue between teeth. Don’t forget to floss behind posterior teeth (the teeth in the back of the mouth) as well. Gum disease can develop anywhere plaque collects.

Talk to your dentist

Regina, our hygienist, will review flossing techniques with you at your regular cleaning appointments and can even provide hands-on demonstrations. For our patients who have trouble flossing, we highly recommend using the WaterPik system. For more info on this, and other dental questions, please don't hesitate to contact our St. Petersburg, FL dental office!

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