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How many professional cleanings do I need each year?

a woman smiles in a meadow | dentist st petersburg flWe make treatment recommendations based on the needs of our patients, and since every patient is different, they require differing dental treatment.

In most cases, healthy patients should have at least two professional cleanings a year. It is also important to remember that your oral health needs can change over time and reflect your overall medical health.

In some cases, it may be appropriate for a patient to have more frequent cleanings. Here are some of the scenarios that may cause us to recommend three to four, or more, dental cleanings per year.


Because of the hormonal changes occurring within the body during pregnancy, we might suggest that you come in more often for a professional cleaning. Pregnancy gingivitis affects up to 50 percent of soon-to-be-mothers.

Your oral health has an impact on the health of your baby. Addressing your condition can help to prevent low birth weights and other complications.

Periodontal Disease

Patients who have undergone a deep dental cleaning after a bout of periodontitis will need to remain diligent as gums heal. We frequently recommend additional hygiene appointments to help you stay healthy.

Reduced Dexterity

As patients age, arthritis and other medical conditions can make it more difficult to brush and floss teeth properly. Dental cleanings can help patients stay healthy during their senior years.

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