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Will my root canal hurt?

a man holds his hand to his mouth in pain | root canals st petersburgOf all dental procedures, root canals have the most negative reputation. This is an unfair conclusion since root canal therapy actually relieves pain and swelling caused by an infection and is a valuable procedure designed to save your tooth.

At Dental Dimensions, we believe that all dental treatment can be comfortable – including root canal therapy.

Usually, patients will feel little-to-no discomfort during the root canal procedure because we thoroughly numb the tooth before we begin. Every patient is different. Rest assured that we will check in with you to make sure you stay comfortable while receiving treatment.

Modern techniques, materials, and local dental anesthetics make the root canal procedure more comfortable. Some post-treatment sensitivity is normal for a few days and can usually be managed with an over-the-counter pain medication, which will also assist with any inflammation left by the infection.

What To Expect

We will go over what to expect for your treatment and how to care for your tooth after you have a root canal so that you have all of the information you need to stay comfortable and healthy until your follow-up appointment.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency in St. Petersburg, FL, contact our dental office. We strive to treat emergencies quickly.

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